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Professional User Guide

Rowan Hamilton’s Herbal Skin Cream is formulated for skin conditions associated with Eczema, Psoriasis, Inflammation and Infection

Skin conditions






Inflammatory / Immune Mediated




Acne rosacea (with inflammation)

Occupational Allergic Skin Disease


All Stages



Lesions / Wounds

Keloid / Scarring


Viral / Herpes : Cold Sores, Shingles, Genital

Tinea : Pedis, Capitis, Corporis


Dry, Itchy

Lichenification (Lichen planus)

Normal / Sensitive Skin – Face / Hands

Cracks / Scaling / Hormonal

Occupational Dry Skin

Inflammationa specific topical formulation for extreme skin conditions

  • Effective anti-inflammatory action for acute and chronic presentations
  • Powerful antioxidation
  • Skin cell regulation
  • Local micro-nutrition
  • Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral support
  • Natural healing system support


  • The complex process of skin healing begins immediately
  • Inflammation-Prois cooling, soothing and naturally emollient

The Formulation

  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory botanicals containing flavonoids and other natural compounds
  • Natural omega oils to increase body’s anti-inflammatory capabilities
  • Botanical promotion of normal local levels of cAMP for healthy cell development
  • Dead Sea salt delivers active minerals and trace elements. Patients from all over the world with skin disorders go to the Dead Sea for successful treatment in the intensely salt-rich water
  • Antimicrobial ingredients inhibit bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Homeopathic ingredients support deep healing

Key Ingredients

  • § Croton lechleri
  • § Mahonia aquifolia
  • § Aloe juice
  • § MSM
  • § Coleus forskohlii
  • § Rose Hip Oil
  • § Dead Sea salt
  • § Shea butter
  • § Evening Primrose oil
  • § Vitamin C
  • § Homeopathic formulation
  • § Vitamin E
  • § Honey

Natural Research products are pure; ingredients are the cleanest possible. Our herbs are organic and are from sustainable sources. There are no parabens or synthetic preservatives. The products are fragrance and chemical free.

Customers’ Comments

“I would like to inform you of the incredible results I’ve had with your Inflammation-Pro Cream. Recently I had a very  unusual breakout of eczema on my neck just under the chin. I am stunned by the incredible results – after three days the condition was completely healed and has not reoccurred.” Michelle Donald, White Rock, BC

“I find the Extreme Pro is hugely helpful in keeping the itching and dryness of the psoriasis at bay, and my skin is less red, scaly, and much more like normal, moist skin when using the cream. Your Extreme Pro is the best product I have found so far for my psoriasis condition.” Sue Langer, Thunder Bay, Ontario

“Natural Research botanical cream restored my skin following a serious bicycle accident. In February 2004 I fell face first from my bicycle at speed. The physician in the ER did an amazing job of stitchery but was unable to count the number of stitches he used. I was devastated at the appearance of my face. I used the Extreme Pro cream. I was astonished, as were the ER doctor and the Plastic Surgeon, at the speed and depth of the healing. A year and a half later there is no scarring and no evidence of the trauma to my face. I know that the cream from Natural Research provided the essential healing for my skin. I heartily endorse their products.” Rita Ringdahl, Vancouver, BC

Professionals’ Choice

Natural Research skin care products are created for professional use by naturopathic doctors. Our formulations follow the naturopathic principles: The Healing Power of Nature and First Do No Harm. The best results come from supporting these products with adjunct therapy in conjunction with naturopathic principles of treatment.

“Natural Research products have demonstrated to me that they can heal nasty wounds, as well as helping to maintain the integrity and beauty of all skin. This efficacy is a function of the knowledgeable formulating, quality materials and the pure intention contained in each jar.” Dr. Sally Ringdahl, ND, Vancouver, BC

“The Natural Research formulations are unique, chemical-free alternatives for care of the skin. I have been using these products for the past year and from pediatric to geriatric cases all have met with positive outcomes. I consider these products an essential component of my skin treatment strategies.” Dr. Cameron McIntyre, BSc, RTR, ND, Vancouver, BC


Natural Research products are developed for and tested in our holistic dermatology clinic in Vancouver, BC. Observational Studies are conducted on all products on an ongoing basis. We base all our work on results.


Our products are manufactured in a Health Canada licensed Certified Organic Processing facility.

Full quality control and quality assurance systems are in place.

Inflammation-Prois designed to assist in moderating intense symptoms and support the healing of severe skin conditions.

For best results use PROFESSIONAL products in conjunction with internal therapies.


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